Linesville, Pennsylvania   16424 , USA


hines flask - a division of buckeye aluminum foundry, is a manufacturer of all types of flasks, jackets and bottom boards for the foundry industry.

Products & Services

  • Flask
  • Jackets
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Wopper
  • Wopper Jaw
  • Hines
  • Hines Flask
  • Foundry
  • Aluminum Foundry
  • Bottom Boards
  • Foundrite
  • Liners
  • Buckeye Aluminum
  • Buckeye
  • Pop-off Flasks
  • Lugs
  • Trunnions
  • Rota-lift
  • Upsets
  • Easy Off Flasks
  • Adams Cherry Wood
  • Snap Flasks
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Cope Lugs
  • Blow Plates
  • Pallet-car-tops
  • Hines Pup
  • Translite
  • Slip Jackets
  • Translite Liner
  • Lightweight Pop-off
  • Medium Weight Pop-off
  • Heavy Duty Pop-off
  • Texas Style
  • Upset Brackets
  • Cope
  • Flask Guides
  • Pattern Plates
  • Molding Machine
  • Shell Core
  • Core Plates
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • Rugged Flasks
  • Clevis Mechanism
  • Texas Flask
  • Tight Flasks
  • Aluminim Flasks
  • Magnesium Flasks
  • Wood Flasks
  • Cherry Snap Flasks
  • Floundry Flasks
  • Non-asbestos Liners
  • Madison
  • Ohio
  • Buckeye State

Web Site Results

Lightweight "POP-OFF" FLASKS
Lightweight "POP-OFFOFF" FLASKS You'll profit from much ...ll profit from much longer flask life with a HINES "...SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD PIN CENTERS Material: Aluminum or Magnesium Lengths: every inch,
About Hines Flask, A Division of Buckeye Aluminum Foundry
...manufacturing operations of The Hines Flask Company to Buckeye Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
Lugs, Trunions, and Handles
LUGS, TRUNNIONS, and HANDLES ...TRUNNIONS, and HANDLES LUGS For Lightweight & Medium Weight "POP-OFFOFF" Flasks FL-14 LUG FL-13 ...and Rol-N-Rap style machines. FLASK AND JACKET HANDLES 82-PO
Hines Flask product line
Heavy-Duty and Extra Heavy-Duty ...for detailed specifications on product Lightweight "POP-OFFOFF" FLASKS Medium Weight "...ROTA-LIFT Style Flasks UPSETS LUGS, TRUNNIONS, HANDLES ADAMS Cherry Wood "...SNAP FLASKS" "FOUNDRITE" LINED CAST ALUMINUM and CAST IRON
Welcome to Hines Flask
Welcome to Hines Flask Manufacturers of FOUNDRY FLASKS AND JACKETS A Division Of Buckeye Aluminum Foundry 5906 West Center Road ...Duty, Dreadnaught and finally the "Pop-OffOff"

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